Sandmoor Golf Club – Commercial CCTV Install, Leeds, Yorkshire

Details of CCTV Installation:

  • Commercial CCTV installation

  • Detailed security report provided

  • 50m infra red static bullet cameras

  • 20 x zoom motorised PTZ cameras

  • HD cameras for crystal clear picture quality

  • 16 channel recording device allows additional cameras to be added

  • cat5 outdoor cable connected to every camera point

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Sandmoor Golf Club CCTV installation by ZoneCCTV - footage from camera

More info about this commercial CCTV installation – Sandmoor Golf Club, Leeds!

Sandmoor golf club wanted to upgrade their existing CCTV system as some of the cameras were no longer working properly; some of which were even pointing in the wrong direction! The picture quality of the existing camera system also wasn’t very clear.

The existing CCTV camera cable was old co-ax TV aerial cable, which badly needed replacing.

Zone CCTV provided a free site survey and produced a detailed security report demonstrating how our system could improve the security on site, mapping out the proposed positioning of new cameras and explaining the difference between the CCTV cameras we offer for installation.

Here are some photos of the installation.

View more Zone CCTV Footage on Vimeo!

Once the go ahead was given to Zone CCTV, the new camera system was installed very quickly. A complete rewire of cat5 outdoor cable was used to every camera point. A mixture of different CCTV camera types covering the entire property were utilised during this installation, each one being selected for a specific location, viewpoint and coverage objectives.

Pointing at the entrance, our team installed a 20x zoom motorised PTZ CCTV camera. This enabled the user to zoom right at the entrance and pick up all number plates of any cars entering the premises! At night, the infra-red zoom on these CCTV cameras will go to 150m to illuminate the area.

Outside the property, we installed 50m infra-red static bullet cameras. These CCTV cameras record in crystal clear HD footage, with full coverage of the golf club car park.

Inside the property, 30m infra-red wide angle CCTV cameras were utilised, with each camera covering a full room and recording in crystal clear HD.

A 16 channel recording device was also provided as part of the install, ensuring additional CCTV cameras may be added to further compliment the system in the future. Footage being recorded on all CCTV cameras can be accessed remotely in full high definition by managers at the golf club.

Now both members and management at Sandmoor Golf Club have full piece of mind that the vehicles, belongings and the building are covered by high definition CCTV.

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A Glowing Testimonial from Sandmoor Golf Club, Leeds!

Sandmoor Golf Club appointed 7 other CCTV firms within the Yorkshire region to bid and pitch for the business of improving security at our clubhouse and grounds. As a committee, we were incredibly impressed by the professionalism and expertise in their field shown by the team at Zone CCTV, who were able to install the new system quickly and with minimum disruption to our operations.

Zone CCTV provided all the monitors, high quality cabling which was very neat and tidy, engineers who where always on time and mindful of golf club members whilst installing the new equipment. We have found the picture quality to be absolutely stunning – particularly when viewed on mobile devices and the after service from Zone CCTV is like nothing we’ve received before! The guys from Zone CTV came back to the club 2 weeks after installation to catch up and train our members on how to use the equipment and export CCTV footage.

We would unreservedly recommend this firm to anyone wishing to get the latest CCTV technology covering their property or business!

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