Burglar Alarms Leeds

Zone CCTV are proud to supply and install the most advanced and reliable burglar alarms available on the market today.

Burglar Alarm Installers in Leeds & West Yorkshire

Burglar Alarms Leeds

Zone CCTV & Burglar Alarms are proud to supply and install the most advanced and reliable burglar alarms available on the market today.

Whether it is for a domestic property or a large commercial venue, we can provide a tailored solution to ensure the site is fully secure.

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The alarm systems fully tailored to your property.

We take pride in keeping your property secure, so we will take the time to conduct a free site survey to make sure you get the right product for your property.

Having seen many properties that have been broken into and the destruction it can cause, we have many years experience in spotting potential weaknesses around the building that could do with some attention to make it more secure. 

We go beyond just fitting any old alarm system, it has to be the right system leaving no potential vulnerabilities. Our engineers are very experienced and have been installing burglar alarms in Leeds for years.

Installers of quality Burglar Alarms in Leeds

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Areas covered: Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Harrogate, Yorkshire

Wireless Alarm System

The alarm systems we supply and install use the latest wireless technology. The wireless signal which is used to connect the devices is known as multi channel frequency hopping. It is significantly more advanced and robust than your average wired alarm system.

There are many different types of sensors that can be paired to the alarm system and fitted around the property:

  • Door Contacts

  • Indoor motion sensors

  • Flood Sensors

  • Pet friendly sensors

  • Glass break detectors

  • Vibration alert sensors

  • Temperature detectors

  • Door Contacts

  • Indoor motion sensors

  • Flood Sensors

  • Pet friendly sensors

  • Glass break detectors

  • Vibration alert sensors

  • Temperature detectors

The variety of alarm sensors connect to the main control panel. The sensors can be positioned up to 6000ft away from the panel so all areas of the property can be covered. Also repeaters can be used to boost the signal strength if needs be. The sensors use secure low energy transmitters so batteries typically last up to 7 years. Up to 120 different sensors can be connected to each alarm panel.

Another advantage of this wireless alarm system is that there are no wires to run! This makes fitting the alarm systems so much neater inside the property!

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    Pet friendly burglar alarm

    The alarms our experienced engineers install are pet friendly. Due to the advanced technology and software in the control panel, it can detect a person and ignore cats and dogs. The intruder alarm sensor looks out for heat, collates and processes the data through a software algorithm which then determines if the alarm should be activated. 

    For the pet sensor to work efficiently it needs to be installed at the correct height. The pet friendly sensor ignores animals that are up to half a meter in height or weighs less than 20kg.

    Pet Friendly Burglar Alarm

    PIR Detector

    The wireless PIR detector can be positioned anywhere in the property. The range of the sensors is approximately 2km line of sight. If required, signal repeaters can be installed to extend the signal to the control panel. This is ideal for additional sensors in outer sheds or home offices. 

    Our burglar alarm installers carefully fix the sensors to the main parts of the property, normally in the corner of the room for it to be most effective. When installing the sensor, there is a tamper on the back of the bracket. If someone smashes the sensor off the wall, it will still trigger the alert. 

    The sensor has a wide angle 12m detection range. If triggered the sensor will send a notification to the mobile application within half a second. It will also report the temperature of the room.

    The PIR detector accurately detects a person in extreme heat conditions. It is also very effective at ignoring cats and dogs to prevent false alarms.

    Panic Button

    All alarms linked to the 24/7 monitoring station will have a panic button installed.

    The panic button has a range of 1300 meters, so it can be installed anywhere in the property.

    If the button is pressed, an alert is sent to the operator and they will start ringing all the pre determined contacts on the list to inform them help is required at the property. Also an alarm is sent to everyone who has the burglar alarm application installed on the mobile phone. 

    There is no limit to the number of panic buttons that can be added to the system. 

    Door Contact

    Burglar Alarm Door Contact

    The burglar alarm kit includes a door contact sensor. There are two parts
    1) Battery and magnet
    2) A sensor that communicates with the control panel

    One part is attached to the door, the other is attached to the door frame. When the detectors are separated from each other (when the door is opened) it will trigger the alarm system. 

    The door contacts have tampers inbuilt into the brackets, so if an intruder pulls it off the door, the alarm will still be triggered. 

    As with all the sensors they include the jamming and channel communication encryption at the highest level. 

    Outdoor Siren

    The alarm kit comes complete with an outdoor alarm siren. It is extremely loud, approximately 113 decibels. 

    The system will allow for up to 10 sirens to be added. This is great for large properties. 

    The sirens can also be used inside a property. If it is activated, it is a very effective deterrent.

    The sirens can also be fitted inside important rooms I.e. sheds, garage, rooms where high value items are kept. 

    When the siren is triggered it glows red, to help attract attention to anybody passing by.

    Burglar alarm wireless siren

    Wireless Keypad

    There are multiple ways the alarm system can be armed and disarmed. Either with the fob, mobile phone or a keypad. 

    The keypad can be installed anywhere in the property. The key code is set by the customer and can be changed with the app anytime.

    If the burglar enters the wrong code, an alarm will be sent to the monitoring centre. The keypad is then blocked automatically and would have to be changed by the administrator on the app. 

    The keypad takes 3 x AAA batteries and is designed for indoor use only. 

    Alarm Key Fob

    The burglar alarm system comes with 2 key fobs, but more can be added to the system. The burglar alarm key fob has multiple functions. 

    • Arm and disarm the system. It has a wide range, so arming before you enter the house is useful. 
    • The fob can be used to part set the alarm. For example, all the door contacts can be armed, but you can still walk around the property without setting off the alarms. Once into bed, you can then put the alarm on a full set, so all the sensors are armed. 
    • Panic button. By double clicking the panic button, you can trigger the sirens. Also the application will alarm anyone who is connected to the system. If you have the system connected to the monitoring station, they will get the message and start ringing all the contacts registered on the system.  
    Alarm key fob

    PIR sensor with inbuilt camera

    PIR sensor with inbuilt camera

    The visual detection PIR has an inbuilt camera. If it detects a person in the property, it takes 5 photos to create a short video. This is compressed and sent to the users phone within 10 seconds. 

    The visual detection is very useful for the customer to determine who has triggered the alarm. The camera has a built in infra red sensor, so it can see in the dark. 

    The camera is only activated if the sensor is triggered whilst the alarm is fully armed. To protect your privacy, you cannot remotely activate the camera. All the pictures the sensor takes are encrypted on the phone. 

    Remote Monitoring

    Once the Burglar alarm system is installed, it is important that you stay updated with any alerts made by the alarm. By law, burglar alarms can only activate the outdoor siren for 15 minutes, then they are muted. As soon as any of the sensors are triggered you need to know immediately. There are 4 methods available to keep you alerted.

    Option 1 – Mobile Application

    There is an application available to be installed on your smartphone or tablet. If the alarm is triggered, a siren will sound on the mobile device. It can tell you which zones have been triggered within the property. The application also allows you to activate and deactivate the alarm system from anywhere in the world.

    Option 2 – Dial a Phone

    The alarm system can have a sim card installed or be connected to a landline. If the alarm is triggered, the burglar alarm can be set to call a predefined phone number. An automated message will tell the owner the alarm has been triggered. Having a sim card installed in the burglar alarm ensures that a message can always be sent to the owner. There have been cases where criminals cut the phone line before they enter the property, so the alarm cannot communicate with a third party. The disadvantage of the alarm calling only one predefined number, is if that person doesn’t have any signal, they will not get the message.

    Option 3 – Call Centre

    Again, the alarm system can have a sim card and be connected to the landline, but if there is an alert, a message will be sent to a remote call centre. The call centre will have a list of up to 5 family members, friends, neighbours and key holders. If the call centre cannot get hold of the first on the list, they will keep on ringing through the list until they speak to somebody. The key holder will be informed of the alarm status so they can take action immediately.

    Option 4 – Police Call Out

    Alarms can be fitted that will alert the police immediately if triggered. The police will attend the property straight away and deal with the break in. This is the most thorough service an alarm system can provide. Having this kind of piece of mind is invaluable, especially if you are away from the property for long periods of time.

    Option 5 – Panic Button

    We can install panic buttons around the property which can call the call centre or straight through to the police.

    The sim cards we provide have a roaming functionality. This means if the signal drops on one network, they will jump onto the next network that has the best signal. The sim cards can connect up to 4 different networks to provide the best coverage.

    If you have any queries with regards to the burglar alarms in Leeds, please feel free to call us anytime. We can book a free site survey to give you more advice and an in-depth proposal.

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    Don’t worry, if you are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week burglar alarm service. We will turn up at your premises whether its a home or commercial venue and fix your faulty burglar alarm. Sometimes wireless PIR sensors can go faulty and they may need to be temporarily turned off and reset on the panel. Call us anytime and we will dispatch an experienced engineer.