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Answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get about our CCTV Services are listed below

If  your query isn’t answered below, or to find out more about Zone CCTV and our services, please contact us.

Can I add more CCTV cameras to my existing system?

Yes, Zone CCTV specialise in multi-camera setups. No matter how many cameras you require, we’re confident we can provide a solution to exceed your expectations and offer complete video coverage of your property for maximum peace of mind.

We have many residential and commercial customers currently benefiting from increased security at their properties thanks to innovative multi-camera CCTV systems supplied and installed by Zone CCTV.

The recording devices can come in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channel (camera inputs) with any option of memory suitable for the job in hand. Network switches can also be used to increase the number of additional cameras and reduce the amount of cabling.

To learn more about our products, including multi-camera CCTV systems, please click here.

Will my CCTV cameras record clearly at night?

Zone CCTV can supply and install infra-red cameras which are capable of picking up incredible detail in your recordings, even in extremely low level lighting.

Mention to Zone CCTV when discussing your requirements that you need coverage during both the day and the night and our team will be happy to recommend the most appropriate products to suit your needs. We have a range of performance Night Vision IR Cameras which operate just as well during night as they do during the day. These particular cameras are ideal for protecting garages, car bays and other areas around your home which are lurking in the shadows, out of range from the street lights.

We can also provide additional lighting to your property, this helps compliment the CCTV cameras at night time. There are many different LED low energy lights available with effective PIR detection so they don’t need to be on all the time. Again, for more information speak our team and we can advise on a site survey.

If you’re current CCTV system is leaving you in the dark when it comes to recording high quality HD footage in challenging lighting conditions, check out our CCTV Upgrade page or contact the team today.

Are your CCTV cameras wireless?

We do not provide wireless cameras, although it would make the installations a lot easier! we have tried and tested them and have found them to be unreliable. At Zone CCTV we do not compromise on the quality of our equipment. Every installation is different with no 2 properties the same. With all installations, brand new outdoor cat5 ethernet cable is ran to connect the cameras to the network video recorder. On some occasions we can use TP link devices to connect the recording device to the internet to assist remote viewing from smartphones and PC’s.

Depending on the nature of your requirements, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to discuss the suitability of the cabling with CCTV systems for your property.

Can I install your CCTV cameras myself?

Zone CCTV do not sell camera equipment as an outright purchase.

We provide experienced qualified engineers to install and configure your CCTV equipment. We do this to ensure quality of our product and so that we’re able to offer comprehesive assurances and guarantees with regards to your CCTV installation.

Our engineers have many years knowledge in the security industry and can advise on the positions of the cameras to achieve the optimum line of sight while ensuring your equipment is visible in such a way that it gets noticed and acts as a prevention to crime.

Please contact Zone CCTV for more info.

How do I play back footage from my Network Recording Device?

All of the HD IP CCTV systems supplied by Zone CCTV are very easy to use. Once the CCTV system is installed our helpful engineers are on hand to  show you how to play back footage from the recording device and your engineer will answer any other queries you may have about your new system.

If you’re having trouble using the playback function on your device please see the video below for guidance, or feel free to contact our customer service team.

Can I increase the storage capacity for recordings?

Yes, all CCTV systems are tailored to meet your exact requirements. We use the very latest recording devices that use h.265, a new compression which will give you long recording for less memory.

Please click here to learn more about high efficiency video coding

Most domestic installations will opt for 2 weeks continuous recording, so they are covered if they are away on holiday.

Commercial CCTV installs can vary, but it is indeed possible to put as much memory in the system as needed. For example, restaurants and pubs with the licensing laws, have to record for a minimum of 31 days.

Your new CCTV system will last you for the next 20 years, so our advice is to ensure you’re not short on memory/storage capacity and that your system is recording the highest possible video quality.

How can I backup the recordings stored on my CCTV equipment?

It is absolutely possible to export the content stored on your NVR (network video recorder) to an external memory device.

The process of doing this is fairly straightforward and you can follow the video guide below.

Please note that some of the latest software updates for your NVR may look slightly different to the video.

If you’re having problems backing up your recordings, please contact us anytime.

How do I export recorded footage to a USB stick?

It’s relatively easy to transfer footage from your NVR to an external storage device, such as a USB stick.

Using the playback function, you can select the exact timeframe of the footage to be exported. Please watch the video below for more information.

If you’re having trouble backing up your recordings, please contact us.

How many days of footage will my system keep stored?

This depends on the Network Video Recorder (NVR) supplied as part of your order.

Other factors which determine storage capacity include the number of cameras simultaneously recording and the quality at which they record – HD recording will decrease capacity, for example.

You can tweak the recording frame rate and quality to gain extra days and also set the recording device only to record when movement is detected, however we wouldn’t typically advise this.

Can I add cameras to my system?

Yes. So long as you purchased the recording device from Zone CCTV and there are available ports on your NVR, extra cameras be added to the system without hesitation.

Our installation team provide all CCTV camera brackets and cable up to your recording device.

Please contact our team online.

How do I connect the CCTV system to my TV?

The recording device can be connected to your TV either by using a VGA cable or a HDMI cable. HDMI is the preferred method as this will transmit your CCTV recording in the highest possible picture quality.

Contact our team to discuss your requirements with regards to how and where you need to view recordings of your CCTV system and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Can I view the recordings on my smartphone?

Yes! One of the main reasons many residential and commercial customers are switching to Zone CCTV for their security requirements is the fact all footage recorded from your system can be viewed on multiple devices.

To do this, the network video recorder needs to be connected to the Internet. The video below shows step-by-step instructions explaining how to add cameras on your CCTV system to a mobile phone; giving you access to live footage from anywhere with a reliable internet connection!

If you’re having trouble setting up your CCTV to work on your mobile device, please contact us.

Can I view the recordings on my iPad or tablet computer?

Yes, you can! The app works with any Iphone and android operating system.

Your installation or support engineer will ask you to input a username and password when the system is being installed. Please keep these details in a safe place!

The following video shows step-by-step instructions explaining how to add cameras on your CCTV system to an iPad or tablet computer; giving you access to live footage from anywhere with a reliable internet connection!

If you’re having trouble setting up your CCTV to work on your mobile device, please contact us.

How do I change the password on my NVR?

For added security, it is always recommended to change the default password on your NVR. The new password will also apply to any apps used to access data on the NVR. Please watch the following video to learn how to change your password. If you’re having difficulties, please contact us.

How do the smart object monitoring/motion detection cameras work?

Smart object monitoring (known also as motion detection) is a feature on the majority of DVR systems supplied by Zone CCTV.

Your digital video recorder (DVR) will constantly monitor the footage being recorded on all of your cameras and it can record and setup alerts only when movement is detected. This technology utilises frame by frame analysis to determine when there is unusual movement in the images being captured by your cameras. It is your DVR which identifies movement and not the camera itself.

Many people choose to setup smart object monitoring so that the DVR will only record when unusual motion is detected within the range of the cameras view. While this can drastically reduce the capacity required to store your important recordings, we wouldn’t recommend doing this as there is a potential for important things to be missed.

Zone CCTV would always recommend that smart object monitoring compliments 24/7 recordings by creating annotations over your footage which makes it much easier to locate important events within your video recordings.

The good news is that this software is FREE and comes with your new CCTV recording device.

Click here to learn more about smart object monitoring.

Will my CCTV Camera record in black and white or full colour?

Yes, our cameras footage will typically stream in full colour and high definition, giving you complete clarity when playing back your CCTV recordings.

Our night vision cameras will record in black and white when using infra-red technology, however, this provides much greater clarity to specific details on footage in low level lighting.

Your cameras can automatically switch between recording in colour and black and white, depending on the lighting conditions.

Will my burglar alarm and CCTV cameras be connected?

This is absolutely possible, depending on the type of CCTV system you choose to have installed at your property.

Your new burglar alarm can integrate with many different types of sensor and camera, offering complete coverage and peace of mind.

Zone CCTV also offers a 24/7 Burglar Alarm Service Call for customers based in Leeds.

Learn more about burglar alarms at Zone CCTV.

Do you offer an emergency window boarding service?

Yes, this is something Zone CCTV can help with. Our excellent emergency window boarding service is available to customers who’ve experienced damage to windows and/or doors at their property.

Call Zone CCTV on 0113 8800134 for a price, we’d be happy to help.

Our experienced and friendly installers can respond quickly to customers in distress following damage to property and attempted break-ins. The team will be there in no time to temporarily secure your property by boarding over damaged windows and doors.

Which areas do you cover?

Zone CCTV are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and we’re happy to discuss CCTV requirements with business and residential customers all across the city.

In addition to offering CCTV services in Leeds, Zone CCTV also cover Wakefield, Bradford, Harrogate and the wider Yorkshire region.

Wondering whether we can help with your CCTV requirements? Contact Zone CCTV today!

Where can I see examples of the work you’ve done?

Please head over to the Our Work section of the website where you can see pages dedicated to showing how CCTV have helped homeowners and businesses improve their security through the implementation of bespoke high end CCTV systems.

We’re always adding new content to this section of the website, so be sure to check back regularly!

Alternatively, why not read the customer testimonials on our website, Facebook and Google pages.

We’re always happy to take feedback from customers. If you’d like to share any comments about the service you’ve received from Zone CCTV then please contact us.

What is Remote Monitoring?

Our own dedicated remote monitoring station features highly trained security operators who are on hand to oversee your footage and ensure the protection of your property remotely, without the need for you to keep constantly checking up on things!

Should the Zone CCTV remote monitoring station detect anything untoward happening on the footage being recorded at your property, they are trained to take swift and appropriate action – including alerting yourself and the relevant authorities/emergency services.

The monitoring staff can also speak remotely over a tannoy to alert people they are being watched and recorded.

Remote response is far less complicated and a lot more cost effective than many people would typically expect.

It isn’t for everyone, however, for businesses with lots of cameras and properties where constant CCTV surveillance is required, the Zone CCTV Remote Monitoring and Response service can add value by enhancing your security, giving complete peace of mind and allowing you to run your business instead of watching it on a TV screen!

Learn more about Remote Monitoring and Response from Zone CCTV.


Zone CCTV are experts in commercial and residential CCTV installation – having completed many jobs throughout Leeds and the wider Yorkshire region. Check out our latest projects below.

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