Commercial CCTV Install – Pout Beauty, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

Details of CCTV Installation:

  • Commercial CCTV installation

  • 3 x Mini Dome CCTV Cameras

  • 1 x 40m Infra-Red Bullet Camera

  • Sunday Installation – Minimising disruption to business

  • Utilised existing CCTV Cabling

  • 8 Channel Recording Device allowing system to be extended in future

  • Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Commercial CCTV Camera Install at Leeds beauty shop

More info about this commercial CCTV installation in Leeds!

4 brand new CCTV cameras were installed at Pout Beauty, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7.

Zone CCTV provided an 8 channel recording device easily allowing the client to add any more CCTV cameras in the future should they be needed. An old outdated analogue CCTV system was already in place, offering very poor picture quality. Our installations team upgraded their system to HD IP CCTV cameras, and we were able to utilise existing cable which was already hidden behind the plasterboard. Discrete mini dome cameras were used in the interior and a high powered bullet camera looking over the entrance was installed outside the property to ensure optimal coverage during both the day and night!

The Zone CCTV installations team worked on a Sunday to complete this job so it didn’t inconvenience the business!

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