Commercial CCTV Install – Bar, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Details of CCTV Installation:

  • Commercial CCTV installation

  • HD IP CCTV System

  • 7 Camera CCTV System – internal and external

  • Complete rewire fitted to a high standard

  • Special Dark Fighter CCTV Cameras perfect for low light settings

  • 31 Days on the recorder to comply with license laws

  • Mixture of white and grey CCTV Cameras

  • Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire

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CCTV for bar in Leeds, West Yorkshire

More info about this commercial CCTV installation – including actual video footage!

Leeds Bar Reception Area Footage

Wide Angle CCTV Camera Footage

CCTV outside of property – Day

CCTV outside of property – Night

CCTV entrance to property – Day

CCTV entrance to property – Night

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Zone CCTV upgraded the camera system at this popular bar in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, (LS7) by installing the latest IP Dark Fighter cameras.

The dark fighters are used in venues with low light, as the picture remains in full colour. Due to the cameras having such a wide angle lens, not as many cameras were needed as the owners first thought. The full installation, included a complete rewire, took 2 days to complete. The management of the bar couldn’t believe the picture quality on the new HD CCTV Monitors. Another happy Zone CCTV Customer!

If you would like to upgrade the CCTV at your venue, feel free to call us for a site survey on 01138800134.

Looking for CCTV at your business?

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