Zone CCTV can supply and install infra-red cameras which are capable of picking up incredible detail in your recordings, even in extremely low level lighting.

Mention to Zone CCTV when discussing your requirements that you need coverage during both the day and the night and our team will be happy to recommend the most appropriate products to suit your needs. We have a range of performance Night Vision IR Cameras which operate just as well during night as they do during the day. These particular cameras are ideal for protecting garages, car bays and other areas around your home which are lurking in the shadows, out of range from the street lights.

We can also provide additional lighting to your property, this helps compliment the CCTV cameras at night time. There are many different LED low energy lights available with effective PIR detection so they don’t need to be on all the time. Again, for more information speak our team and we can advise on a site survey.

If you’re current CCTV system is leaving you in the dark when it comes to recording high quality HD footage in challenging lighting conditions, check out our CCTV Upgrade page or contact the team today.