Our own dedicated remote monitoring station features highly trained security operators who are on hand to oversee your footage and ensure the protection of your property remotely, without the need for you to keep constantly checking up on things!

Should the Zone CCTV remote monitoring station detect anything untoward happening on the footage being recorded at your property, they are trained to take swift and appropriate action – including alerting yourself and the relevant authorities/emergency services.

The monitoring staff can also speak remotely over a tannoy to alert people they are being watched and recorded.

Remote response is far less complicated and a lot more cost effective than many people would typically expect.

It isn’t for everyone, however, for businesses with lots of cameras and properties where constant CCTV surveillance is required, the Zone CCTV Remote Monitoring and Response service can add value by enhancing your security, giving complete peace of mind and allowing you to run your business instead of watching it on a TV screen!

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