Smart object monitoring (known also as motion detection) is a feature on the majority of DVR systems supplied by Zone CCTV.

Your digital video recorder (DVR) will constantly monitor the footage being recorded on all of your cameras and it can record and setup alerts only when movement is detected. This technology utilises frame by frame analysis to determine when there is unusual movement in the images being captured by your cameras. It is your DVR which identifies movement and not the camera itself.

Many people choose to setup smart object monitoring so that the DVR will only record when unusual motion is detected within the range of the cameras view. While this can drastically reduce the capacity required to store your important recordings, we wouldn’t recommend doing this as there is a potential for important things to be missed.

Zone CCTV would always recommend that smart object monitoring compliments 24/7 recordings by creating annotations over your footage which makes it much easier to locate important events within your video recordings.

The good news is that this software is FREE and comes with your new CCTV recording device.

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