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Burglar Alarms & Security in Leeds

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At Zone CCTV we do many security site surveys. The majority of times we have been called out to price up a wireless burglar alarm system or CCTV cameras in Leeds, because the property has been broken into.

We need to push the message to be more proactive with your property security to so we can take a preventative approach and therefore the crime is less likely to happen in the first place. Before alarm systems are fitted, home owners could look at the price as another cost without taking into account the damage and emotional stress a burglar can leave with the family.

The Police advise that homes that do not have any security are many times more likely to be broken into than homes that do. Of course we can’t guarantee that you wont be burgled, but lowering the odds is very important.

With the wireless alarm systems, multiple outdoor sirens can be fitted to the property to make sure they are visible to any intruder. If the potential thief wants to try there luck, it is important that all parts of the building are covered. For example, all the doors should have door contact sensors fitted. Once the alarm is set and a door is breached, the alarm will be set to trigger all the outdoor sirens immediately. This more often than not deters any burglar from the property immediately.

Having security cameras on display around the property is also another great deterrent. Especially with the latest high definition cameras that are available, any potential intruder can be identified by the police. Even on a night time, the infra red beams on the cameras will be glowing and the burglar alarms will be flashing intermittently.

Please see the following link to the Police website with more security tips https://www.police.uk/crime-prevention-advice/burglary/

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