Smart Object Monitoring

Our unique software can be embedded into existing cctv systems. The smart object monitoring software can be set to detect if an object has been removed or added to the scene. For example 

  • a bag that has been left at an airport
  • a painting that has been removed
  • something that is blocking a corridor
  • a car that is blocking an entrance 

The software is easily adjustable with any camera for any situation. A time can be set on a particular area for when to make the alert. As soon at the alarm is triggered, the message can be sent to either the local security team or one of our remote monitoring centres and can then intervene immediatley. The video to the left shows demonstrates the software in live view


Zone CCTV's smart object monitoring can be ideal for venues when covering large areas. For example an airport or train station will have hundreds of security cameras covering busy areas. Security needs to be as tight as possible in todays climate and certain incidents can be over looked.  Zone CCTV are always on hand, from setting up of the software, integrating it into the camera network, training the security team and the day to day support. We can recommend many remote monitoring stations that have the technology to monitor the cctv video analytics. For more information or to book a site survey at your venue, please feel free to get in touch.  


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