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Our custom Business CCTV packages allow you to design the perfect package for your business.

If you install a poor CCTV system there is very little benefit to you or your customers. Therefore it is essential that before undertaking a CCTV installation that you have a very clear idea of what you want your system to do for you, and how you want it to perform for your business and your customers.

Each premises is different, so you cannot just implant a stock CCTV installation and expect it to work for everyone. Upon making an enquiry, one of ZoneCCTV’s local engineers will visit your property and undertake a detailed examination to properly assess your business CCTV needs.

Our custom CCTV packages allow you to take advantage of all the different CCTV cameras we have to offer.

Some of our most popular cameras include

Vandal Eye Dome
Our sturdiest all-round camera

20m Night Vision Range

Lens Shading Correction

Infra-red IR LEDS

2D-Digital Noise Reduction

Weatherproof Housing

12V DC Power Supply

Pan tilt & zoom
All cameras have 360° rotation

Up to 12°/sec Pan Speed

Up to 12°/sec Tilt Speed

32 Preset Positions & 1 Tour

Auto Day & Night (D&N)

Lens Shading Correction

12V DC Power Supply

Wireless Camera Systems
Ideal for hard to reach areas

150m wireless range

Built-in Microphone

8m Night Vision Range

Multi position stand

Waterproof Housing

Power supply included

On top of our more popular cameras. We are also able to provide more custom CCTV camera installations for those who want something special. That is why we are pleased to also offer smartphone and remote response CCTV packages.

No one needs a high ends camera covering less at risk areas, so why waste money on them. By using a mixture of cameras we can custom build the perfect package for you. While helping keeping cost low by not filling your business with expensive cameras you don't need.  Furthermore, our range of CCTV cameras allows us to react to certain security concerns in certain areas of the premises. Such as high visibility cameras in secluded spots, and covert CCTV cameras in high football areas

If you want to find out what ZoneCCTV can do for you, fill in the contact form or visit one of our location pages to get in touch with one of our local engineers. We can't wait to help you start build your Business CCTV package.

If you're serious about your business security. Look no further than ZoneCCTV.



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