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Not every business can afford, or even needs an expensive business CCTV system.

More often than not we find many businesses end up using too many of the wrong cameras. At ZoneCCTV we ensure this doesn't happen by visiting your premises prior to installation, working with you to give you the perfect coverage at the right price.

Our budget CCTV packages of 2 & 4 can still provide excellent and ample coverage for a small business premises, and is perfect for high street shops and other semi or terrace style buildings that don't need large amounts of exits and potential entries covered both internal and external.

Sometimes only small areas of the premesis need to be secured and ZoneCCTV understand that. And by using a small amount of high quality cameras you can still provide your business with ample protection from any illegal activity.

Our Budget CCTV packages use high quality vandal dome cameras, which utilse the best in modern CCTV camera technology with high quality infa-red IR lenses. Massivly reducing saturation often found in other cameras, as well as eliminating reflection during the dark.

Furthermore their 3.6mm veri-focal lenses provide high quality fixed CCTV images whatever lighting conditions. This allows you to zoom in and out whilst still maintaining a high quality image. These cameras also allow for up to 30m night vision coverage, ensuring that you are still adequately protected through one of the most dangerous periods of the day.

If you would like ot enquire about one of ZoneCCTV’s budget CCTV bundles. Please look at the product information below. We have packages of 2 & 4, as well as a special offer that changes monthly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Enquire about our cost effective packages today

2 x Vandal Dome Camera
For those with minimal security needs
For 2! Including installation

Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3

4 x Vandal Dome
For small to medium sized premesis
For 4! Including installation

full 360 degree view


Day & Night vision

2 X PAN TILT AND ZOOM for a limited time only
Only £700

specifications 1

specifications 2

specifications 3

For more information about ZoneCCTV's budget bundles, please give us a call today or fill in the enquiry page. We'll be on hand to assist you with all of your business CCTV needs.

Our budget CCTV systems are designed for those with small premesis or budgets. If you would like more cameras, or a variation of the packages, please look at out custom Business CCTV service. 

Whatever your needs you can rest assured with ZoneCCTV

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