In the market place there are many inaccurate people counters, using old technology giving businesses a rough estimate to the number of people in their premises. This out of date technology creates so many false readings, taking into account trolleys and groups of people with no directional movement traceability. 

Zone CCTV are putting a stop to this by introducing the next generation of people counters. Using the most advanced technology in this industry, our people counters are able to detect only people giving an accuracy of over 99%. 

Sensors only detect people

The equipment uses 3D MLI Sensor technology (Modulated Light Intensity). The device is discretely fitted above all the doorways in the premises. A non-scanning light source emits modulated near infra red light below the entrance. The technology is based on the optical time of flight principle. The time shift emitted by the counter and the light reflected is measured to create a real time topographic image of the monitored area. This 3D data is processed to count the number of people and track the direction of their movements. 

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Live data analysis

Each sensor is placed over the entrances of the venue. They are then all linked up to a central server that is kept on site. The server processes all the data and makes it available in real time. 

This enables the site manager to remotely log into the server and immediately find out how many people are in the venue. The inbuilt software will then present graphs showing the number of people in the venue from previous hours, days, weeks, months and years. 

Marketing Intelligence

  • Has your latest marketing campaign worked?
  • How well are you salesman doing? Compare sales conversion rate to the number of people entering the store 
  • Staffing efficiency. Do you need as many staff on at certain times of the day. 
  • Compare results with other stores. Why are other stores busier but not as profitable?

This is a great way to compare the statistics to previous weeks. Especially for retail stores we have just the equipment and reporting software to enable you to see exactly what customers are coming into your store. 

Queue Managementqueue management

The people counter can also monitor the number of people in a queue. If the number of people in a line reaches a certain number, an alert can be triggered. For example, in an airport, if
too many people are at a particular check in, security can be alerted so they can send for more staff and open another desk. This is a great way of utilising the companies staff whilst keeping customer service in mind. 


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