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Home CCTV in Leeds
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Home CCTV Installer in leeds

If you have multiple properties or work away from home. Smartphone CCTV allows you to remotely view your home live from anywhere in the world. This allows you to be vigilant and reactive to any potential troubles occurring on your property.

We are also able to provide remote speech when one of our CCTV Speakers is purchased with a custom CCTV package.

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Home CCTV systems can help protect your property from burglary, theft and anti-social behaviour, as well as act as a fantastic deterrent against any other potential crimes.

Find out about our comprehensive offering to make your home secure! we cover all sizes of houses and strive to deliver high quality CCTV solutions at a price that suits you.

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In the UK more than 630,000 residential properties were burgled last year alone. That is a staggering rate of more than one every sixty seconds.  There are many ways to properly protect your home against would-be thieves and home CCTV should be top of that list.

Home CCTV Installers

It’s impossible to design a one size fits all CCTV package that can properly protect all property’s at all times. From inner city terraces to countryside mansions, each location has different security issues and potential weak-points that criminals can exploit and use to vandalise or gain entry to your property.

At Zone CCTV we have a variety of packages for home use. From 1 camera to 16, we will make sure there are no black spots left uncovered. A completely custom package devised between you the client, and one of our highly skilled and experienced CCTV installers. If you are unsure about what package you need, don’t hesitate to contact the office and we can book one of the home cctv installers to conduct a free site survey at your convenience. We will be happy to come provide a detailed property check to help advise which package is best for you and show you some live demos from the high definition cameras we have available. 

Locations we cover
- Leeds
- Wakefield
- Bradford
- Harrogate
Anywhere in Yorkshire !!

CCTV may seem excessive for some. However just like a burglar alarm, home CCTV has become one of the primary methods of protecting the modern home. Unlike the past, CCTV cameras are now easily accessible on the domestic market.

Like our business clients. We understand that home CCTV users also have a variety of protection needs and it is for this reason we stock of variety of CCTV cameras to suit all situations. 

Some of our Cameras includebullet250x250

  • Box Cameras- Ideal when a ceiling is too high or inaccessible. High visibility also acts as a great deterrent
  • Dome Cameras – Our most common and a fantastic product. Available both indoor and outdoor these wall mounted cameras are great for any light. The fact we only buy Varifocals means that you can also adjust the lenses before, during and after recording.
  • Night Vision IR Cameras – Operating during night and day, these are ideal for protecting garages, car bays and alleys round your house that may be out of the range of street lights.
  • All of our packages include free Smartphone CCTV. All the cameras can be connected up to smartphones, tablets and computers, so you can watch your home from anywhere in the world. 

If you would like something extra than our home bundles. Please contact an engineer to help design the right package for you.

Are you going away and would like your house remotely monitored?

We are able to provide our Home CCTV customers access to our remote monitoring cctv  station on a permanent or temporary basis depending on your needs. Just ask one of our local engineers for more information.

We have a large range of cameras and experienced installers so are able to give your home the right CCTV package at the right price.

There is no need to have poor CCTV anymore. Many cameras are out of date, please see the following link. The home HD CCTV systems will give the police clear images to find the real culprit of the crime rather than guessing with low quality images. 



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