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 So what happens when you apply for a quote?

Once you have submitted your inquiry, one of our highly skilled engineers will return your call and help start the process of CCTV installation or upgrade in your Home & Business.

Upon returning your call.

We will undertake a preliminary examination over the phone. This is just to ensure we are coming to visit you equipped with the right knowledge and tools to undertake our extensive survey of your house.


At ZoneCCTV we provide custom quotes to each customer depending on their circumstance and security needs.


When we visit your Home or Business

Once we have confirmed a mutually agreeable time for us to visit your premises. One of our local engineers will come to your property and undertake a full property check. This normally takes around 1 hour. However depending on the size of the size of the property this may take longer and is is especially true for a Business CCTV installation  

Once we’ve completed our property check. One of our engineers will sit down with you and discuss your security desires, property weaknesses  as well as potential limitations to your CCTV installation such as neighbouring property.


No longer do you have to settle for expensive packages you don't need, or cheaper packages you don't want. Get a quote today and find out how ZoneCCTV can help with your Home or Business CCTV needs


This will then allow us to provide you with a fully costed quote, within which you are able to see the individual costing’s for each product or service which of course you are able to edit yourself independently after. We can then continue straight to installation at a time to suit you.

Please fill in an enquiry form or ring one of our local engineers. We will respond as soon as possible and start you on your CCTV journey.

If you’re looking at Home or Business CCTV look no further than ZoneCCTV.

Unlike other CCTV companies, we only provide quotes once we've seen a property. Not only would it impossible to envisage a figure without first seeing the premises, it works directly against our ethos of creating individual solutions for each Home and Business CCTV customer.

We strive to deliver a premium service!

By choosing ZoneCCTV you can be sure that we will strive to provide the perfect package for you. Your happiness is just as important to us as your security and we pride ourselves on leaving our customers with a smile on their face.


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