CCTV Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV Frequently asked questions


On this page we will try and answer as many frequently asked questions about your HD CCTV system. If there are any questions we have missed out, please feel free to call us anytime and we can add another video to help. 

How to export footage from the network video recorder with the latest software

The process of exporting footage to an external memory device is very much the same. The new software with the latest NVR's looks slightly different, so he is an up to date video so we don't confuse you. If you have any problems, feel free to call anytime.  

How to change the password on the recording device

This is a short video explaining how to change the password on the CCTV network video recorder. The new password will need to be also changed on the mobile apps.   

How to view the CCTV cameras on your mobile phone

This video will give step by step instructions explaining how to add a CCTV system to a mobile phone. This will give access for cameras to be viewed live from anywhere in the world. 

How to set up the app on a tablet for remote viewing

This video shows step by step instructions for setting up the app on a tablet computer. Multiple locations can be set up on the device. 

How do you export footage onto a USB stick?

It is very easy to back up any recordings onto an external hard drive. Using the playback function, find the exact date and time you wish to back up. Follow the easy instructions on the video below for more information. 

How do play back footage from your recording device?

The HD IP CCTV systems we provide are really easy to use. Please see the video below for instructions.