We upgrade or repair existing CCTV systems.

If you have CCTV Cameras installed on your property that have ceased to be effective due to age or condition you may as well not have any cameras at all . ZoneCCTV can visit your premises and provide a free no obligation evaluation of your property, and work with you to upgrade  or repair certain aspects or all of your CCTV system.

At ZoneCCTV your Security is our No1 Concern

Do you have an existing CCTV System on your property that is in need of repair or upgrade?

Faulty or inadequate systems are one of the biggest issues facing business and home owners attempting to obtain convictions following crimes against their property. At ZoneCCTV we aim to ensure this doesn't happen to you by assisting in any CCTV Repairs or Upgrades you may need.


No matter how big or small. 

When we install a CCTV system we always ensure they are fully fit for purpose. By identifying your exact needs and undertaking a full building survey we can be confident in the fact that your CCTV is performing the right function for you.

Sadly though, not every company shares our ethos, and sometimes we see CCTV systems that do not perform the function they've been bought for.

One of the fundamental flaws we see with CCTV installations is the wrong camera lense is chosen.

By choosing the wrong lense you often find subjects are too small to recognise. This can lead to detection problems. This problem is especially risky in older cameras where you cannot electronically zoom in. If you aren’t using a HD camera your CCTV pictures average around 40 thousand pixels each. Compare this to the 10mpx you find on high end digital cameras and you see the risks associated with having the wrong lense.

As you can see in the image below image, the Home Office recommends at least 50% screen coverage to be able to properly identify with a high degree of certainty whether you have seen the individual before.

scales image

If you are unable to properly identify your subject this can lead to obvious issues if the worst is to happen, so it is important your CCTV installation is properly up to date. We will be happy to listen to any concerns you may have, and assist in allowing to feel confident in your Home or Business CCTV.

Sometimes we hear from customers with brand new systems who still aren’t getting the picture and clarity they desire. This occurs when the cameras aren’t positioned correctly, as even the best quality CCTV cameras need to be positioned correctly to get maximum use of their capability.

Other basic errors that can massively reduce a CCTV systems functionality;

  • Cameras too high or not leaving enough space above head – if a camera is too high you can only get a top-down view of a head. This can lead to identity problems. Similarly, if you do not account for variations in height you could leave out your subjects head altogether.
  • Not considering the effects of daily and seasonal changes of light and foliage – glare on camera and encroaching shadows can easily obscure a subject. Equally as bad, seasonal growth can completely block a camera in the worst of circumstances
  • Unaware of structures blocking the field of view – permanent or temporary structures such as signs, phone boxes or even daily business parking can below entrances and exits that were clear on installation.
  • Unable to maintain – cameras need to be cleaned or repaired periodically. Failing to do this can reduce a CCTV cameras effect.
  • Vandels and Weather – The vandal problem is clear, however many people fail to consider high winds and heavy rain. All of these can damage cameras and lead to costy repairs if not done propely.
  • Failing to properly consider power supply – a camera needs to be powered 24/7 to give you full coverage. This function is essential but often not considered properly.

Does your Business or Home CCTV system suffers from any or a couple of the above problems?

If so ZoneCCTV will be happy to come and undertake a free systems check. During this free check we will talk you through all your areas of concern, and where necessary show you how ZoneCCTV can make your CCTV system right for you.


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