Commercial CCTV

Business CCTV is essential to protecting any commercial venture.Sadly, we know we can never prevent crime fully. A proactive approach shows that you’re serious about security,

Installing key prevention tools like CCTV, amongst the countless others available for business protection acts as a powerful deterrent against would-be thieves.

Our custom Business CCTV packages allow you to design the perfect package for your business.

If you install a poor CCTV system there is very little benefit to you or your customers. Therefore it is essential that before undertaking a CCTV installation that you have a very clear idea of what you want your system to do for you, and how you want it to perform for your business and your customers.

Each premises is different, so you cannot just implant a stock CCTV installation and expect it to work for everyone. Upon making an enquiry, one of ZoneCCTV’s local engineers will visit your property and undertake a detailed examination to properly assess your business CCTV needs.


Some of the common forms of crime affecting any business or property are;

✓ Out of Hours break ins

✓ Shoplifting

✓ Property damage and

✓ Staff collusion/theft.

All of these crimes can not only cause significant financial loss to your business, but long closures and drawn out repairs can contribute to losing your market position.

We at ZoneCCTV won’t let that happen to you.

There are countless different business CCTV systems available on the market and our job is finding the system to best suit your needs. We at ZoneCTV won’t try to sell you what you don’t need. Instead we work alongside our customers to first asses their exact surveillance needs. This then allows us to create a custom package that is best serviced to obtain the results they want to achieve

Many people are often deterred by perceived high start-up costs and the potential to be both hard to use and an eyesore on the interiors and exteriors and property. With huge advances in CCTV technology this is simply no longer the case. We ensure that all of our CCTV systems are easy to use, with operational simplicity at the heart of user experience. As well as working alongside you to guarantee any CCTV Installation is in fitting aesthetically with your premises.

Understanding that every business is different is key to our success strategy, and making something work for you is what we do…


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