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Bird Spike Installers

Zone have professional bird spike installers to cater for homes and commercial premises. An installation of bird spikes keeps away birds nesting and making a mess in out of reach areas. They have been used for many years and are the most effective ways to prevent pest birds from nesting and roosting on landing surfaces.

There are many advantages of the bird spikes available today

  • The most humane way of deterring birds away from a building
  • Effective with both low and high pressure from the bird
  • Nearly invisible
  • Blunt at the end to avoid injury to the bird
  • Strong spikes to last years and years
  • Avoid damage to the property
  • Prevent bird droppings

The spikes can either be glued or screwed onto the building. Any surface can be catered for whether its plastic, stone, brick, metal or wood. 

Bird spikes can be installed on top of signs, windowsills, guttering, pipes, pretty much anywhere. A lot of people can make the mistake of installing the bird spikes in areas where there is bird mess. However, this isn't always the place where the pigeons will be building their next. We have plenty of experience in laying the spikes to make sure no areas are left uncovered. 

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